What We Do

Our multi-step Audit process consists of conducting research to understand your greater admissions and marketing context, experiencing the campus visit the way a prospective family would, and providing recommendations for improvement. We read and review. We look, listen, and learn. We ask questions. We synthesize answers. And we make recommendations to take your campus tour to the next level.

What an Audit Looks Like:

Pre-Visit Review

You provide data (visit numbers, conversion rates, survey results) and information (strategic plans, branding, recruitment publications).

We evaluate and head to the website to register for a visit.

Campus Visit Day 1

The Tour Experience: Campus Tour de Force consultants start the day from the admissions visitor center to gain an understanding of what visiting families experience. We’ll tag along with two or three tour groups to learn what information is being provided by tour guides and what questions families are asking. We use our expertise in environmental design to evaluate your entire visit experience. Overall look to see if the expectations and brand promises promoted by the marketing materials match what families experience on campus.

Team Gathering: We meet with admissions administrators and staff to share our first impressions and to begin discussions of the current challenges and goals for improvement. 

Campus Visit Day 2

The Deep Dive: We delve more deeply by meeting with campus leaders and stakeholders to learn more about the programs and highlights that are featured in the tour, as well as aspects of the school that need more exposure.

Ambassador Program Focus Groups: We meet with tour guides/ambassadors to hear their insights and perspectives, and we confer with staffers who develop the curriculum and training for tour guides.

Post-Visit Written Report

A detailed review, critique, and commentary of the current visit experience (from your website to the follow-up email)

Recommendations, small and large, for improving the visit experience

Recommendations on aspects of environmental design  

An online photo album providing you with the “outsider’s perspective” on your campus

The Debriefing

After you’ve digested the report, we’ll have a conference call to field your questions and clarify our recommendations.