What is Environmental Design?

What makes looking at merchandise different in an Apple Store versus a Target? Why do you feel different walking into the Metropolitan Museum of Art than walking into the Guggenheim? It’s not just architecture, it’s Environmental Design and how one’s surroundings make for a specifically curated experience. At Campus Tour de Force, we are practitioners of Environmental Design and know how it helps enhance a person’s experience of both indoor and outdoor spaces. On a college campus, Environmental Design can help to convey spirit of what your school represents, what your brand is all about, and whether or not your visitor can see themselves there. Aspects of Environmental Design include decisions about furniture, photos, banners (for example on lampposts), and signage, and also what impressions are being made by things such as the entry points onto campus, the parking locations, and how visitors make their way to the visitor’s center or admissions office. Environmental Design should remind your visitors—at every corner of a tour, visit to a building, or walk across campus—that your school is an amazing institution and they would be fortunate to be a part of the community. Finally, Environmental Design never neglects your current school population and should constantly remind them of what your school is all about, who they are as students, and why they are proud to be where they are.