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Interactive Walking and Drive-Thru Tours

Interactive Walking & Drive-Thru Tours


There’s no substitute for experiencing a college’s campus environment in real life. The Campus Tour de Force App makes it easy. Designed for college-bound students and their families, Campus Tour de Force provides guided walking or drive-thru tours that are endorsed by the respective college’s admissions office. Each tour takes you to curated campus highlights and provides key information about essential facilities and related programs. Yes, you can safely and conveniently see more college campuses —and make more informed decisions about where you want to apply, or where you might want to schedule an official campus visit for further exploration. Whether you happen to be in the neighborhood and want to learn more about a college or you are actively creating your college list, Campus Tour de Force takes you there!


Benefits for You: Bring prospective students and their families onto campus without taxing the human resources of your staff or incurring any safety issues, as visitors will not enter any buildings. Gain data and analytics that are part of the package: Each walking tour is GPS ready to allow your visitors to pinpoint their locations at every destination. They can even “like” specific buildings and special locations, giving you feedback and better insight into the interests of prospective students. Best of all, putting your school into the Campus Tour de Force app is easy. All you need to do is: 1) Choose your locations. 2) Send us an image and some copy for each location. 3) Sit back and relax while we create and post your tour to the App.


Why Visitors Will Come: For prospective families, the app is easy to download and use, and these tours are both safe and convenient. Juniors and seniors who are deeply involved in the college search can visit or revisit as they narrow the list of schools to which they will apply. Younger students may use the walking and drive-thru tours as a no-commitment way to explore more campuses as they consider which schools to put on their long lists. Families with students of all ages who are passing through the area or who are visiting campus for another reason, such as a youth sports tournament or college athletic competition, can conveniently take a tour that may even shape their college aspirations.


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