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Environmental Design Consulting

Environmental Design Consulting


Viewing merchandise at an Apple Store is different from shopping at a Target. The experience of entering the Metropolitan Museum of Art is unlike walking into the Guggenheim. The reason is environmental design.


Environmental design refers to how one’s surroundings make for a specifically curated experience. At Campus Tour de Force, one of our principals is a former licensed architect. He and our other expert consultants can help you take a more purposeful approach to environmental design, giving you the tools to en­hance the impact of both indoor and outdoor spaces. We’ll take a critical, objective look at things like admissions office furniture and placement; outdoor photos and banners; signage; and how campus entry points, parking locations, and tour routes create specific impressions. Our consulting services can help you capitalize on environmental design to better convey the spirit of your school and brand identity.

Our Recent Projects

Lake Ridge Academy
Kingsley Montessori
Saxe Middle School

Q & A


Q: Why do I need to worry about environmental design?

A: Environmental design refers to how one’s surroundings make for a specific experience. It involves architectural elements, interior design and furnishings, signage, and landscaping, and it addresses what people encounter as they move through a space. Decisions about these elements—some of which may have been made long ago, some of which may be a bit arbitrary—add up to an impression. We’ll help you look at how elements relate to each other to purposefully create the impression you want.


Q: Do we need to hire an interior designer?

A: Maybe. If carpets, furniture, building codes, wall paints, etc. are needed, then we work with our interior designer. If we are creating graphics (ie. signage, banners, etc.), we work with our graphic designer.