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Campus Tour de Force is a division of Peapod Design, a brand strategy and creative consulting firm that has collaborated with more than 450 schools over the past 25 years. We’re known for our creativity. Our reputation is built on award-winning print materials, visually captivating and optimally functional websites, striking photography that puts a school’s brand in focus, and market analysis that underpins strategic decision making.



The Right People


For decades we, the principals at Peapod, have leveraged creative and critical thinking to help hundreds of schools better tell their stories with brand consistency. Now, one after the other, our children are going through the college process. We have taken numerous campus tours and will take dozens more before we’re through. Many fantastic schools we’ve visited had less-than-fantastic tours. It got us thinking: Why not apply the same kinds of strategic analysis, creative storytelling, and collaborative methods to help schools craft better tour experiences? We have the tools and the expertise to have a transformative impact on one of the most essential ways schools interface with prospective students and families. We’re ready to partner with you to tailor solutions to fit your unique circumstances.



The Right Time


In a normal admissions cycle, we would be asking: Has your campus environment changed with the addition of new or renovated facilities? Has your strategic plan placed an emphasis on growing or showcasing particular programs? Have your marketing strategies, goals, and materials been updated recently? The literal and figurative landscapes are always changing, prompting a need to have a critical look at how your campus tour experiences reflect and enhance your priorities, goals, and messaging.


With the Covid-19 pandemic transforming the way we all conduct business this is an opportune time to ensure first that you have the best no-contact tour experiences, including both a virtual tour and an app-guided on-the-ground experience. Second, this is an ideal time to evaluate, to tinker, and to innovate in preparation for when the public health situation improves visitors start visiting in larger numbers. You’ve scrambled and juggled and kept going despite all of the obstacles and uncertainties. Let us help you come back stronger than ever!