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360 Virtual Campus Tours

360 Campus Tours


With customized options to make your virtual tour truly your own, Campus Tour de Force’s 360 tours are a compelling form of visual storytelling. Capturing panoramic perspectives on your best campus assets, these inviting, engaging virtual tours make your campus accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Please visit some of our most recent tours below.




Tour Elements & Options

Showcase Your Brand

Campus Tour de Force will create a 360 tour that not only functions beautifully but also reflects your unique brand.

Get the Pros

You want perfect pictures. We’ve got the right cameras and technology—and the skilled photographers. We provide images that look ideal and feel like seeing campus spaces in real life.

Lots of Great Choices

Creating the perfect tour for your school will involve combining a number of elements, which may include voice-overs, maps, video galleries, written content, multiple languages, and more. We’ll help you navigate all of the options to create the tour that best serves your needs and brand. 


A Valuable Asset at a Reasonable Price

There are no recurring fees for your 360 virtual tour. The masterpiece we create belongs to you.


A Streamlined Process

We take the panoramic photos, and you provide other content. Once we have everything, it will only take about three weeks to create the tour for you.

Campus Changes? No Problem

If you build a new facility, renovate an old one, or just have reason to make a change, give us a call and we can add or subtract locations and hotspots without having to start from scratch.

Relax, We’ve Got This

Campus Tour de Force is a division of Peapod Design. For decades we’ve been in the business of helping schools tell their stories through every available media with freshness, creativity, and brand focus. We’ve done a ton of these 360 virtual tours. We’re here to help and to keep it simple for you.

Q & A


Q: Why do I need both a 360 virtual tour and a walking/drive-thru tour?

A: The two are very different in terms of what they offer. The 360 virtual tour is available online, and thus accessible to viewers anytime, anywhere. It is created with professional, specialized photography to best present the locations and facilities of your campus. Its strength is a branding opportunity. The walking/drive-thru tour enables people to come to campus and see things in person, enhanced by the content you’ve provided in the App. Those who are passing through the area and want to see your campus or who can’t conveniently get a scheduled, guided tour from the Admissions Office can visit on their own schedule while still receiving a curated experience. Its strength is that it gets more visitors on your campus.



Q: How is Campus Tour de Force different from other virtual tour providers?

A: We have all of the bells and whistles and options that other firms do, but we charge a one-time cost rather than a recurring fee. You own your tour. 



Q: Are there security risks to 360 tours?

A: No. It has been noted that virtual experiences used by realtors, which turn buildings into a “virtual doll house” with measuring tools, can provide information that compromises building security. This is not the case with the content provided in our 360 tours. Our tours are based on locations.



Q: How many locations are too little or too many to include in the tour?

A: Based on the size of your school, we will have a strong recommendation of how many locations are appropriate. We promote a “less is more” philosophy, and we’ll work with you to determine what is best to feature.



Q: Is a 360 virtual tour a video?

A: No. It is a visual experience that gives the viewer a 360-degree view of particular locations, both interior and exterior, on your campus. You have options to incorporate text, voiceovers, and other elements to enhance the virtual tour. In addition, our tours link directly to your Admission/CRM forms.



Q: What is a hotspot?

A: Hotspots populate each location with a media gallery and/or videos. Hotspots bring your campus to life.



Q: Is there a limit to hotspots?

A: No. But again, we promote “less is more.”



Q: Where should I place the 360 virtual tour on our website?

A: It is advantageous to make your 360 virtual tour easy to find and to put it in more than one location. Our clients often locate it at the hero image, on the home page, and in the drop-down admissions menu.



Q: Can we revise our tour as our campus changes over the years?

A: Yes, we can add on to you existing tour.



Q: What kind of data and analytics are available?

A: You can get very deep into the weeds if you so desire. Analytics on how much traffic you’re getting, the bounce rate, and how much time people spend engaging with various elements can help you know more about those who are interacting with your tour.