Why settle for a campus tour when you can have a campus tour de force?


The campus tour is a key factor in boosting application numbers and achieving better yields. Campus Tour de Force offers colleges and universities analytic evaluation and strategic recommendations to create superlative tours for prospective families. Your tour needs to tell your story effectively and provide a memorable and distinctive experience for visitors. Our comprehensive audit includes a review of your particulars (data, strategic plans, marketing and branding materials, etc.), a campus visit for both evaluation and strategic brainstorming, a detailed report of recommendations, and a culminating discussion session to help you set your course for implementation.



Your Audit Experience Begins Here


The Pre-Visit Review: Doing Our Homework

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Campus Visit Day 1: Walk First, Talk Second

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Campus Visit Day 2: Sessions with Key Leaders and Informants

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The Deliverables: Insights and Recommendations

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The Debriefing: Discussion, Questions, Clarifications

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